Our Products

We have a wide range of products on sale in our salon and we will advise you on what are the best products for your hair.

We are stockist's of Joico by Shisedo

Joico known as the healthy hair company. These products contain the finest possible ingredients and state of the art research. They are fantastic for all hair types. Their deep penetrating reconstruction has won the best in the world for an amazing 15 years in a row.

Moroccan Oil

The original and best oil and oil products. If you have used Moroccan oil products you are quite probably addicted!! The curl cream is a must for naturally curly/frizzy hair and the original oil is the ultimate in caring for your hair!!


These need no introduction. The original and limited edition styles are available all year around


This is a new range of products specifically designed for hair thinning or hair loss. There can be internal or external factors for hair loss and the products help with this problem.

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